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Lead Official

                The lead official will be the main contact between the league and the other league officials. Pay includes usual official pay per game. Extra pay and resources may be considered depending on the finances of the league. Complete knowledge of the rulebook would be expected. Duties include:

  •  Reviewing officials’ performance after each week of games.

  •   Working with the commissioner on interpretation of rules.

  •   Annual input towards any rule changes that would be appropriate.

Game Officials

                Game officials will be paid on a per game basis. The referee will be paid $40 per game. The Umpire, Head Linesman, and Line Judge will be paid $20 each. If the game has judges (Field Judge, Side Judge and Back Judge) they will be paid $15 each. Each official may have a different duty from one game to the next. Duties include:

  •   Knowing the rule book in order to properly enforce them during the game.

  •  The umpire is responsible for the entire crew during the game and has final say on conflicts of calls during the game.

  •  Each official during the game has specific responsibilities as outlined in the league rulebook.


                Coaches are unpaid, voluntary positions. These will be available for each team. Coaching opportunities range anywhere from Head Coach to Coordinator to specific position coach. Duties include:

  •   Attending practices & games for your team.

  •   Developing a playbook and game plan.

  •   Determining the team’s depth chart.

  •  Play calling.

Stat Tracker

                The league is in need of an individual to compile game stats for the league website. You will need to compute stat totals utilizing the game film and/or the game stat logs if any were taken. You may also go to games to fill out stat sheets on your own. This may have some pay included but will initially start out as a voluntary position. Duties include:

  •   Computing stats from game stat logs and/or game film.

  •   Ranking individual and team league leaders each week in different categories.