We are a padded KC Sports KC Football league. 

The Midwest Regional Football League, or MRFL, is a concept for those who miss playing the game of football. Sure we all get together and play a flag or touch game on Thanksgiving, but it's just not the same as throwing on those pads.

This is NOT semi-pro football as all are welcome to play and we do not have any sponsorship's. It is merely a league for people who enjoy playing and competing in the game of football. We've got people with no experience to semi-pro players to even former division I and II athletes.

How much is it? This is our second session running and we have set a 60$ league fee for all players. This league fee goes towards insuring our league and each team with the AFA as well as field rental and repair costs. Offensive line players are free up to the first 7 on each team. Cleats, Jersey, and Helmet are NOT provide by the league. If you have your own pad's and do not require pad rental there will be no charge to you. Donations are greatly appreciated and will go to help improve your game day experience allowing us to provide referee's, proper football fields, and much more. We are strictly NON-profit and will not be making money off of you.

Where is it? Our main team practices at Frank Vaydik park in KCMO. We will begin hosting joint practices in a few weeks when the weather warms up. Other locations are subject to team formation and what is closest and most convenient for each team in that area. The join practices will be for every member in the MRFL and will help everyone understand who we are and what our goals are

Do other teams play? We play an annual memorial game and we are currently in the process of forming teams for our league. We have more than enough player registrations for other teams, we are filling as many teams as the league can handle and will promptly start the Spring session.The league schedule will depend on how many teams are formed as well as the practice locations.

Todd Andrews Experience
Memorial Football Game

The Todd Andrews Experience has been played since 2008. The games name comes from a friend that suddenly passed away at an all too young age. What started out as an annual flag football game has evolved into full pads tackle the past 3 years. The game has been played in St. Louis, Watkins Glen and for the first time this year, Kansas City at Englewood Park Football Field.

All are welcome to play no matter skill level or experience. Go to the team and player enrollment page to sign up.